Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12 to 5pm

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Bishop's University
2600 College St.
Sherbrooke (Quebec)
J1M 1Z7   Canada
Tel.: 819-822-9600, ext. 2260/2279
Fax: 819-822-9703
Foreman Art Gallery / Specifications



Constructed in 1992
Originally was an artist-run-centre
Since August 1998 as a university art gallery
Average exhibitions per year: 7
Average duration: 7-10 weeks
Receives circulating exhibitions


Press releases, catalogues, invitations, posters, and media coverage


One gallery: 154.5 sq. meters
Additional panels: can be provided
Location: first floor in Centennial Theatre
Exterior walls: Brick
Interior: Concrete, gyprock, and plywood
Steel structural support
Floors: concrete covered with carpet
Ceiling: hung gyprock ceiling; height:3.55 m
Hanging walls: gyprock and wood
Exit doors off gallery: Height: 2.0 m/Width: 1.80 m2


Doors (leading from shipping/receiving to exhibition area)
Height: 2.0 m/Width: 1.80 m
Separate receiving and loading area
Hydraulic lift available
Loading area at truck level
Crate storage area available
Empty crate storage stored on premises, temperature-controlled, pest-controlled
Loading area can accommodate any type of truck
Loading and unloading personnel available
Personnel available for packing
Separate storage area available; secured, climate-controlled, and fire alarmed
The movement of objects in assured by professional transport company


Windows in exhibition area: none
Air conditioning equipment: steam
Temperature and relative humidity in exhibition gallery and storage area:
Summer: 20 degrees Celsius, 35% RH
Winter: 20 degrees Celsius, 35% RH
Variations of temperature and relative humidity in gallery and storage area
Summer: 2-5 degrees, +/- 5% RH
Winter: 3-5 degrees, +/- 5% RH
The records of the hydrothermograph is verified daily and calibrated every month
Heating: forced air
Heating thermostatically controlled in the exhibition area and by one thermostat in the storage area is controlled and humidistat
Smoking is not permitted in exhibition area and surrounding buildings


In exhibition area: incandescent
Light meter available
Light level: maximum 150 lux--according to National Gallery standards
Lighting may be obtained at many different preferred levels in separate areas of the exhibition area
Electrical outlets: drawn from the walls and the ceiling


Covered for burglary and theft, fire, rising waters and water damages, natural disasters
Wall to wall coverage (transit)


Self-activated smoke detection in exhibition area, and heat activated in storage area
In-house controlled station panel, in house audible fire alarm
Local fire code inspection and testing of portable fire extinguishers assessed quarterly
Material of basic structure non-combustible, wood, concrete, building is fire-resistant
Type of fire department: volunteer
Average respond time of the fire department is of 4 minutes
Type of water supply: town
Supply of electrical service: 600 volts 3 phase
Maximum size of electrical service: 400 amp
Emergency system in case of power failure: generator in the main core of the building, not in the exhibition area
Sprinklers in the building but not in the exhibition area


The gallery keeps hydrothermographic charts which staff verifies on a regular basis
Staffs performs regular verifications of thermostats, humidistats and other air control equipment are on duty 24 hours a day.
While open, the gallery employs surveillance staff that oversees the exhibition area and assists the public.
Have a trained security supervisor in charge at all times
Sound and motion detectors

Audio Equipment

(Technical Assistance available)
AM/FM Radio/ Double-Cassette/ CD player
Headphones x 5
Laser Disc Player
Video Cassette Player: 3/4 inch+A39
Video Projection Unit (VPU)
Computer Projection Unit (CPU) -includes
Computer - Laptop x 2
Video Tape Duplications
Transfer 8mm to VHS/Transfer Hi-8 to VHS
Super 8mm or 16mm Transferred to VHS
Transfer VHS-C Compact to VHS

Projection Equipment

Video Projectors x 3, Blu-ray DVD players x 5                        

Photographic Equipment

Data Projectors
35mm Camera
8mm Camcorder
Hi-8 Camcorder
Digital Camera
Portable Video Editor
Camcorder Battery - NP 55 to NP 98
Camcorder Battery - Lithium (4 hour)
Sound Systems
Large/Medium/Small P.A. System
Conference Audio Recording System
Large/Small Microphone Mixer (4 Mics up to 12 Mics)
Microphone (Clip-On Wireless)