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COMMUNITY ART LAB: Special Event with Spurse
April 15 - 22, 2012

Artists: Spurse (New York)

Curators: Yael Filipovic & Gentiane Bélanger  

Residency: April 15 to April 22, 2012

The Community Art Lab special project of the Foreman Art Gallery has embarked on a three-year research initiative titled 'How does Art Teach?' and we are pleased to announce the residency of the New York collective Spurse as its launching pad. This long term platform 'How does Art Teach" acts as a stepping board to consider the role of art in our society and how art is and could be a tool for critical engagement with political and social connotations.

This residency project is produced by the Foreman Art Gallery with financial contributions from the City of Sherbrooke and the Ministère de la Culture, des communications et de la condition féminine.

Special Event - Eat Your Sidewalk, cocktails & dirt: Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 6:00 pm at Le Tremplin 16-30 (95 Wellington S., Sherbrooke)

The Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University is pleased to present a special evening with New York collective Spurse on Thursday, April 19, 2012, at 6pm, at the Tremplin 16-30 (95 Wellington South). Do you love to forage for food, scavenge for objects, build strange things, sew cool patterns or dig in the dirt? The experimental research and design collective Spurse is at it again! First came "Blind Feast," their improvised banquet in which they cooked up a 5-course meal to a public table, with nothing but donated foods, curious stories and blind faith.

Now, they're about to hatch another project in June: a 7-day extreme eating challenge - and they need your help! Find out what it means to "Eat Your Sidewalk" and more importantly, find out how YOUR SKILLS are the vital catalyst to making this event possible. Then come and get your fill of food, drink and excitement to celebrate our kick off!

This free special event includes a feast of food and ideas and an open dialogue between the public and the artists concerning notions of sustainable development in the region. The evening will include: 

- A shindig of foods, ideas and adventures, to cook up with whoever and whatever shows up.

- A celebration to mark the beginning of something.

- An invitation to co-shape futures worth having.

- A moment to sense the worlds we make, when and how we come together.

Please join us Thursday, April 19 at 6:00 pm at le Tremplin (95 Wellington Street South, Sherbrooke). The discussion will take place primarily in English with informal French translation available, in light of the bilingual reality of our region. While the event is free, please RSVP as space is limited.

Contact: Yael at or 819-822-9600 ext. 2279.

Special Event - Risking Art (with coffee): Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 3:00 pm at Le Tasse (426 Conseil, Sherbrooke)

Join us for coffee or tea and a special discussion with New York collective Spurse on Saturday, April 21 at 3pm at Café Le Tassé. The Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University is pleased to offer a special afternoon of discussion concerning our three-year research question How does art teach? The experimental research and design collective Spurse will tease out their answer to this question over food, drink, games and flashbacks of their recent genre bending projects. Also, get a sneak peak of their special June project in Sherbrooke titled "Eat Your Sidewalk".

This free special event includes coffee, ideas and an open dialogue between the public and the artists. The discussion will take place primarily in English with informal French translation available, in light of the bilingual reality of our region.

In its third year, this annual project acts as a platform to investigate the ties between art, education and civic engagement in our local community shifting the gallery space into a laboratory.

This association of over fifty members (Spurse) works in a deconstructive way to rethink our urbanism conditions based on experimental research. Their art usually contains a great quantity of archives, aesthetically displayed that challenge binary elements: natural vs. non-natural, urban vs. rural, city vs. country, etc.  Since 1997, they act as a consultation service, at an international level, to build tools to engage questions, practices and materialistic systems. They specialize in assisting people (and other critters) developing new modes of being-of-the-world. To begin to come to terms with such realities we need to imagine, collectively, how to compose new ecosystems for everyday life. These experiments often take the shape of laboratories, temporary research institutes or even consultation services. Therefore, their projects greatly vary from restaurant openings (The Public Table, 2006), construction of microbiologic laboratories for museums (Micromobilia, 2008), finding new housing and clothing systems for migrators (Deep Time/Rapid Time, 2009-2010), hold an urban research with collaborators at an international scale (Sans Terre, 2004), draw fishery maps (Mapping the Working Coasts, 2004), collaborate with dance companies,  organize musical performances, work with local communities to record traditional stories, host conferences on various subjects, organize community soccer matches, publish books and DVDs, etc.