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Margaret Lawther: Roadside Ephemera
November 10 - December 11, 2004

Curator: Gaëtana Verna

Bishops University Fine Arts professor Margaret Lawther routinely travels by car each summer between Vancouver and Montreal. Begun in 2001, this exhibition consists of large-scale colour photographs depicting views of the Trans-Canada, the worlds longest national highway. In counterpoint to the mythic and romantic Canadian landscape for which this country is known, these images, arranged in diptychs, triptychs, and singly, embrace a flat and acerbic approach to the idea of the scenic viewpoint. Rather than take images from the highway, she takes photographs of it. Lawthers photographs resist the idea of a Canada comprised of spectacular natural beauty and inspirational perspectives; these points of interest are more likely to be skid marks and eroded shoulders than waterfalls or waving grain. Interrupting the landscape series are still life images of car wrecks found in scrap yards, continuing photographys fascination with the land and with death.

(From Coincident (2003), Introduction written by curator Lorna Brown)