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Joanne Hui and Shie Kasai: The Library Project
October 12 - October 31, 2004

Curator: Gentiane Bélanger

The exhibition is produced by the Foreman Art Gallery with a financial contribution from the Canada Council for the Arts through their Artist in the Community Program.

In the interest of expanding the exposure of contemporary art to a wider community audience, the Art Gallery of Bishop’s University has developed an “off-site series” which will invite all members of the community to interact and collaborate with professional contemporary artists. Joanne Hui and Shie Kasai have been asked to develop a site-specific, interactive project at the a-Scal Municipal Library, inviting the population of the new city of Sherbrooke to participate in drawing/painting workshops. These will be followed by an installation in the va-Scal’s exhibition space and within the books of the Reference Room. The artists will lead the participants in a step-by-step exploration of how each of the non-visual senses of hearing, taste, touch, and smell can also structure how one draws lines, as well as create and combine forms to make a drawing. 

a-Scal Municipal Library
450 Marquette, Sherbrooke, QC