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 / past / 2005-2006 / ILLUMINATION ESCAPADE


Illumination Escapade
May 3 - june 23, 2006

Amber Albrecht, Katie Dutton, Holly King, Lyne Lapointe, Logan MacDonald, Michele Peress, Brigitte Roy, Cynthia Touchette, Michel Veltkamp, Cybèle Young

Including special projects by : BOOKMOBILE project, eyelevelgallery (Paperwork³° project) Mike Patten (The Celebrity Series), Adair Rounthwaite & Michael McCormack (The McCleave Gallery of Fine Art)

Every year, the Gallery invites a curator to organize an exhibition on themes and issues of regional relevance. This year’s Carte Blanche exhibition, curated by Meredith Carruthers, explores the theme of the illustrated book. 

Some of the earliest European illustrated books introduce their text with decorated initials. Gothic painters illuminated scientific, historical and philosophical writings as well as popular romances. In the 14th and 15th centuries, as interest in realism and the natural world developed, illuminations sometimes became a manuscript’s main focus, transcending their decorative function to fill entire pages with elaborate and often fanciful imagery.  

Illumination Escapade presents work by Eastern Townships-area artists who use pictures in narrative series or create artist’s books. Selected projects will be paired with works by artists from other regions to establish dynamic connections and foster reflections on the contemporary illustrated book.