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William Pope.L
The Black Factory
February 20th 2006

Guest curator : Bishop's University

Artist talk: Monday, February 20th, 12 pm to 2 pm
Workshop: Monday, February 20th, 4 pm to 7 pm

The Foreman Art Gallery is pleased to present an Artist talk and Workshop by William Pope.L this February. 

William Pope.L is a prominent American visual and performance artist and actor as well as an educator at Bates University.  His recent collaborative project, The Black Factory, is an elaborate and fantastic sculpture constructed in a panel truck.  The Black Factory travels throughout North America collecting and distributing objects which reference the idea of blackness.  Stops on The Black Factory tour are a meeting place for discussion and cultural exchange; including tours of the factory, a hands-on approach to product recycling and lively performances by the BF crew. 

Teachers, Student, General public at large of Lennoxville, Sherbrooke and even Montreal are invited to register for William Pope.L's The Black Factory Artist talk & workshop. No performance, theater or activist background is necessary to participate!

In a performative artist talk William Pope.L will explain the philosophy of his 25 year international art career.  He will discuss strategies for realizing interventionist public performance and the challenges he has encountered in imagining, financing, and realizing the tour of The Black Factory.

Participants of the workshop will develop their own performances and learn how to work with the spontaneity of live, public presentations.

During the William Pope.L’s visit at the Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University he will announce his search for performers for the 2006 Black Factory tour.  Black factory performers have the opportunity to work closely with the artist and be part of a journey that will take them across the U.S. and Canada.