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 / past / 2005-2006 / JEANNIE THIB: PATTERN FIELDS


Jeannie Thib: Pattern Fields
September 14 - November 12, 2005

Curator : Gaëtane Verna

Jeannie Thib creates large-scale installation that explores design, ornamentation and culture through an interaction with architecture.

Thib’s new work makes reference to European ornamentation from the past. Intended to adorn surfaces — to fill empty spaces — historical patterns and designs present a repetitive symmetrical stylization of nature, transforming "wilderness" into comforting decoration. However, in Thib’s work this ordering impulse is thwarted through magnification, fragmentation, distortion and isolation, as well as the use of industrial materials. Thib reintroduces an undercurrent of fear and anxiety associated with the "wild”: while incorporating interior decoration, draperies, carpets and specimen collections, her work sets traps for the unwary.

Toronto-based artist Jeannie Thib has exhibited widely across Canada, as well as in the Netherlands, USA, Cuba and Mexico. She has participated in artist’s residencies in the Netherlands and France, and recently completed a commissioned permanent artwork for the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto.