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Connections #2
January 31 - April 31, 2007

Vicky Chainey Gagnon, Stephen Sheeran, Merrylou Smith, Dave Young

The new CONNECTIONS exhibition series at the Foreman Art Gallery provides the opportunity for faculty, staff and student members of the Bishop’s community to present an artwork from the university art collection from their point of view. A short text written by the participant describes their "connection" to the artwork and is accompanied by art historical and acquisition information from the university archives.

Vicky Chainey Gagnon, Curator of the Foreman Art Gallery presents two portraits by Canadian printmaker Stanley Lewis (1930-2006) in the context of a curatorial project. The Gallery Office project documents gallery conversation and offers it to the public free of charge. Viewers are invited to 'stop in' at the display of Stanley Lewis's prints, peruse a transcription of gallery conversation, and contribute to it. In presenting our conversation to the public, we display the way in which Stanley Lewis's prints work in our lives as silent witnesses. The prints function in a literal way in this exhibition context by acting as surrogates to a process of creation that is ongoing [perhaps even as you are reading this] in the gallery office.

Stephen Sheeran, Dean of Humanities & Chair of the Art Gallery Committee presents an unusual painting by Canadian artist John Ballantyne and guides us through a descriptive analysis of the paintings effects.

Merrylou Smith, Library Assistant & Curator of the University Art Collection presents a commissioned large format acrylic painting by Bishop's University fine arts graduate Cara Groves made in 2006.

Dave Young, Carpenter/Cabinetmaker & Preparator of the University Art Collection presents an oil painting made in 1927 by Manos Roithis entitled "Le profil d'un pêcheur".

The Foreman Art Gallery wishes to thank the Bishop's University Art Collection Committee for their support of The Connections exhibition series.