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Connections #1
September 12, 2006 - January 31, 2007

Dr. Rebecca Harris, Rachel Harris & Nora Webb, Sylvia Teasdale, Dr. Gary Retzleff

The new CONNECTIONS exhibition series at the Foreman Art Gallery provides the opportunity for faculty, staff and student members of the Bishop’s community to present an artwork from the university art collection from their point of view. A short text written by the participant describes their "connection" to the artwork and is accompanied by art historical and acquisition information from the university archives.

Dr. Gary Retzleff, first chairperson of the University Art Collection Committee presents four aquatints of the area around Quebec City published by J. W Edy in 1796 after the watercolours by Lieutentant George Fisher.

Ms. Sylvia Teasdale, University Librarian presents an untitled watercolor by R. Mould dating back from 1917.

Dr. Rebecca Harries, Theatre and Film Professor presents documentation of the "Don Carlos" theatre poster of Polish origin that was stolen from the theater in 1995. Dr. Harries will write a creative text around the notion of the stolen artwork.

Foreman Art Gallery staff, Rachel Harris and Nora Webb present "Murky Waters" a series of works which seek to creatively embody the mythological serpent living of Lake Memphremagog.

The Foreman Art Gallery wishes to thank the Bishop's University Art Collection Committee for their support of The Connections exhibition series.