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 / past / 2006-2007 / FAUX NATUREL


Faux Naturel
July 4 - August 25, 2007

Guest curator : Astria Suparak for The warehouse Gallery

As citizens of the industrialized world remain unmoved to understand how our comfortable habits like commuting to work or having a cup of coffee are ruining the earth and shortening the lives of innumerable beings, the natural world shifts deeper into the category of the endangered. Life as we know it is limited. Summers grow hotter and hurricane season grows longer with our use of conveniences like air conditioning and private transportation. The incidence of forest fires and mudslides climbs in pace with our demand for cheap food and housing, which in turn lead to irresponsible farming and logging practices. Produce is artificially cheap because of tariffs that protect agribusiness. Our government facilitates the intentional wasting of crops, the bankrupting of family-run farms, and exploitative labor practices.

The group of North American artists presented in Faux Naturel is young enough to have grown up with a more informed sense about the environment, with Earth Day pre-printed on calendars and global warming existing as more than just a theory. These artists explore the territory delineated by the destruction of the natural world, with all its attendant themes. Entropy, redemption, apocalypse, the fall from grace, the temptations of commercial culture, and the relationship between science and magic all emerge as motifs in this exhibition.

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