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Reading the Image: Poetics of the Black Diaspora
November 14 - Janauary 19, 2008

Artists: Deanna Bowen (Toronto, Canada), Christopher Cozier (Trinidad & Tobago), Michael Fernandes (Halifax, Canada), Maud Sulter (Glasgow, Scotland)

Guest Curator: Andrea Fatona

This exhibition and its publication are circulated by the Thames Art Gallery (Chatham, Ontario) and were presented at the Foreman Art Gallery with a financial contribution from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Reading the Image: Poetics of the Black Diaspora presents recent works by artists from the African diaspora. Four artists will present work in photography, video and installation addressing issues such as the diasporic movement as well as the role of African people in, and their relationship to, modernity and its incessant march of progress, of the history of Christianity and the church as a social institution in the black world, of trauma and self-making, of community and racial formation, and of the relationship of systems of representation to colonial and postcolonial histories. The exhibition presents a range of aesthetics and worldviews that express and retell stories of modernity from subjective perspectives. Within each of these stories, blackness and diaspora are posited not as unchanging essences but rather as social constructs. – Andrea Fatona, Curator

The Foreman Art Gallery is grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts for their generous support of the exhibition.