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21th Bishop’s University Fine Arts Graduating Students Exhibition
April 3 to April 13, 2019

Student Artists: Maya Berbery, Kaitlyn Card, July-Ann El Baze, Diane Greggain, Saskia Jouneau, Marie-Soleil Provençal and Shannon Taylor 

Student Curator: Alexandra Tourigny Fleury

Opening reception: April 3, 2019

A conversation. More open-ended than a discussion, deeper than a chat; more nuanced than gossip and more sensitive than a debate. Rich in complexity, fluid, porous, a process of reciprocal engagement. In this sense, a conversation is dynamic, malleable, the antithesis of monomania and rigidity. No especial dogma prevails and there is nothing particular to achieve, except for the encounter itself—a coming-together of people, ideas, gestures and experiences. Such are the notions informing the 21st Annual Graduating Fine Arts Students Group Exhibition (aka the Grad Show), an encounter marked by movement, intersection and exchange.

The voices in Conversations belong to the seven young women forming the graduating cohort as they present the works that mark the completion of their program. Over the last four years, each has fine-tuned her unique artistic identity. Their sources of inspiration are diverse, their ideas, heterogeneous and their approaches, multivariate; yet each is motivated by the same desire to engage, not just with her art world peers, but also with society at large. Art is essentially a matter of communication, after all.

The Foreman Art Gallery is proud to present the 2019 edition of the Bishop’s University Film Festival in conjunction with the exhibition Conversations and to host the launching of the student-run publication The Mitre during the opening reception.