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A BIBIOLDÉRIVE WORKSHOP: Uncovering non-linear and radical forms of research
Tuesday, March 20 2012: 6:00 pm-8:00 pm at the Old Library (second floor of McGreer), Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke

This event asks the questions: how can we embrace a research-based posture to recuperate micro-histories, investigate obscure archives, and locate esoteric ephemera?  This workshop, led by researcher Dr. Rebecca Duclos, will bring participants together within an experimental research scenario that models non-linear, associative, iterative, and cross-disciplinary research models. The bibliodérive is an alternative, library- and archive-based investigatory strategy designed specifically to unhinge participants from reaching expected research outcomes. This activity emphasizes creative practice as a form of research and is meant to generate spontaneous curiosity and encourage random connection-making. Free and open to all.

Dr. Rebecca Duclos is a Montreal-based independent curator, researcher and part-time faculty member at McGill University, Concordia University, and the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto. She is currently involved in a research residency at SKOL artist-run centre in Montreal as part of her Canada Council award to independent critics and curators. 

This event is part of the 7th annual Research week at Bishop’s University and is made possible by Bishop’s University Speakers Committee Fund.


SPECIAL EVENT: How Could we Build Systems of Value in Culture?
Tuesday, February 28 2012, at 7:00 pm, at ArtFocus (94 King West Street, Sherbrooke)

Join us to meet Montreal collective Artivistic, who will facilitate a discussion on the concept of values within the cultural sector. The goal of the evening is to uncover and discuss what lies behind art, activism and knowledge production in order to see what the place of the cultural worker is in our society today. This will be an occasion for all to address the pertinent question: What value do cultural workers have today in the midst of a crumbling economy? This special event is meant to bring together cultural workers from Sherbrooke and its immediate area to collectively visualize our concerns for the future of cultural work in the region. The discussion will take place primarily in French.

The collective Artivistic emerged in Montreal in 2004 as an "evention" (a hybrid between event, invention and intervention) facilitating a much-needed alternative space for the discussion of political and creative action on the periphery of academia. It was created with the proposition that not only artists should talk about art, academics about theory, and activists about activism. They desire to build a space of exchange, analysis and experimentation for "artist-organizers" drawing on self-organized, collaborative and distributed networks.

Special thanks to Bishop’s University Speaker’s Committee for supporting this event



Thursday, February 16 at 6:00 pm at Le Tremplin (95 wellington south, Sherbrooke)

We are pleased to present a special evening with artist collective Spurse. This free special event kicks off Spurse’s residency at the Gallery by raising questions in their signature method of research: hands-on, unscripted, passionate and sideways.  As part of the feast of food and ideas will be open dialogue between the public and the artists concerning notions of sustainable development in the region.

The blind feast will include:
·         A shindig of foods, ideas and adventures, to cook up with whoever and whatever shows up. What we’ll eat, we don’t yet know.
·         A celebration to mark the beginning of something. What “it” will be, we cannot say.
·         An invitation to co-shape futures worth having. What will matter, we cannot predict.
·         A moment to sense the worlds we make, when and how we come together. What those worlds are, we’ll never make alone.

Spurse is a research and design collective that co-shapes problems worth having with communities worth making. They build apparatuses for social and ecological change that are designed in place and in real time -- for, with and by the agency of humans and non-humans alike. They begin every endeavour by locating ourselves of a world, not merely in the world.

Special thanks to Bishop’s University Speaker’s Committee for funds to produce this event.



Thursday, December 1st, at 6:00 pm at the Foreman Art Gallery

How might we begin to look at failure as a positive experience? What positive role could failure have within Academia? The Community Art Lab of the Foreman Art Gallery is pleased to present a special event on the meaning of failure, titled FAIL BETTER. This event is inspired by artist Charles Stankievech’s current exhibition Over the Rainbow, Under the Radar, presented at the Foreman Art Gallery until Dec. 10, which includes a reflection towards social and historical failures in his work. Taking in consideration our university context and the end of the Fall semester, what can we learn from failure? And how could failure be understood as productive within an Academic setting?

Failure is generally avoided at all costs. Nevertheless, research shows that failure is an important step towards achieving success. Presented by special guest, Allison Gonsalves, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Montreal in the faculty of education, this event will encourage us to re-imagine our understanding of failure.

This event is generously support by The Center for Community Organizations (COCo)



SPECIAL WORKSHOP: Do-it-yourself AM Radio

Saturday, November 19th, from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm at Le Tremplin 16-30 (95 Wellington Street South, Sherbrooke)

Registration required. Space is limited. Cost: 10$ (includes all materials & equipment)

Calling all electro-bricoleurs! The Community Art Lab is pleased to offer a hands-on electronics workshop that introduces basic radio concepts through experimentation with transmission circuits developed by early radio experimenters during the 1920s. Participants will wind coils, solder circuits, play with antennas and build their very own low-tech free-power crystal radios and narrowcast transmitters. Participants will be able to take home their creations for further experimentation.

The emphasis of this workshop is on playful experimentation and is open to anyone curious about radios and electricity. No previous experience is required (for ages 17 and up). This workshop is presented in conjunction to the Foreman Art Gallery’s current exhibition by Charles Stankievech, Over the Rainbow, Under the Radar, which explores the history of media and communication technology (presented until Dec. 10). The workshop will be facilitated in French by a bilingual instructor, Ms. Darsha Hewitt – an artist based in Montreal, Quebec who has presented her work and taught electronics workshops across Canada, in Mexico and Europe ( 



SPECIAL WORKSHOP as part of the event ‘The Healing Benefits of Art, Music and Laughter’

Sunday, November 13th, from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm at Centennial Theatre of Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke

Tickets: 2$ in advance or 5$ at the door. Available at Centennial Theatre’s box office

This event is organized by the With RESPECT to our Elders project of Townshippers’ Association and will focus on the healing benefits of art, music and laughter. Activities include an interactive multimedia show, guest speakers, workshops and a special reception.

The Community Art Lab will offer a workshop in the afternoon entitled How does teach art? open to all ages. The workshop will focus on exploring what and how we learn from art and creativity. We invite you to join us during this community event to explore the pleasures of Art and intergenerational sharing. For complete information on the schedule of activities for this event, please contact Townshippers’ Association at eam(at)


SPECIAL ACTIVITY: Border in Flux: The Stanstead Project and Other Thoughts on the Border with Artist Althea Thauberger

Thursday, October 13th at 6:00 pm at Uplands Cultural & Heritage Center (9 Speid Street, Lennoxville)

 Formulated as a public discussion and artist talk, this event is meant to question notions of boundaries, geography and space in the local region. Invited artist Althea Thauberger will introduce her artistic practice and articulate her interest and involvement in the summer 2012 residency project entitled Stanstead Project or how to cross the border

Organized on the 13th of October at the Uplands Cultural and Heritage Center at 6pm, this off-site event combines an interest in our relationship with history, art and culture to assess the impact of border policies. It will also explore the potential role art could have toward governmental decisions. Presented in English.


This event is kindly supported by Bishop’s University Speakers Committee.


SPECIAL ACTIVITY: Sherbrooke, Let’s Talk Culture!

Friday, September 30 at the Brulerie de Lennoxville (169 Queen Street) from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday, October 1 at ArtFocus (94 King Street West) from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Saturday, October 1 at Maison du Cinéma (63 King Street West) from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

 ‘Sherbrooke, let’s talk culture!’ is a two-day event that invites members of the community to write a personalized postcard to the City of Sherbrooke, sharing their views on culture in the region. Copies of the postcards will be put on display at the Foreman Art Gallery, creating a rich archive of citizens who are passionate about culture. This project gives a voice and visibility to the citizens of Sherbrooke, creating a political forum towards the development of culture in the region.

Organized on the 30th of September and October 1st during ‘les journées de la culture’, this off-site event will take place at three different locations throughout Sherbrooke, where participants will have the opportunity to speak-out and share their opinions about the development of culture in the region. This activity responds to the City’s recently revised Cultural Policy released in May 2011 and asserts the place of the Arts as a vital cultural, social and economic driver.