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MARCH  2011

BREAKTHROUGHS: Enquiries into challenged, shared and reinvented space by Jean-Maxime Dufresne (Free)

Thursday, March 31; 3pm @ Foreman Art Gallery

Presented as part of the Bishop's University Research Week in collaboration with the Crossing Borders Research Cluster

Artist Jean-Maxime Dufresne will lead an open discussion surrounding his practice which touches on modes of experiencing urban and social territories and on the transformations that shape them.

How can artistic enquiry on shifting urban realities inspire alternative ways to engage with the complexity of spaces we live in and the ways in which they are produced ? What experiences and tools can it develop to read into these entangled notions of challenged, undisclosed, shared or reinvented space ? This conversation will highlight some individual and collaborative research strategies that hold ties with the critical field of spatial practices. We will venture into post-architectural scenarios with a focus on urban matter, social contexts and issues of public-ness that might, for example, explore the potential of adaptation, agency, reinvented uses and relationships to technology, reveal discrete or supplementary realities, look into the effects of transcultural mobility or consider experiential devices as catalysts for encounter and interaction in the city.

Jean-Maxime Dufresne is an artist with a training in architecture (McGill U. / UniAndes Bogotá) and multimedia / communication studies (UQÀM), whose investigations deal with urban and social territories, as well as the transformations that shape them. Architectural process is reconsidered both as a form of enquiry and as a material production permeated by temporary experiences, comprised mostly of installations, video, sound, urban interventions and public workshops.  Since 2007, he has been involved on Dare-Dare’s board of directors – an artist-run center operating in the public realm – and working in the Education Programs team at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), both located in Montreal.

Supported by Bishop's University Speakers Committee


Third projection: Solutions locales pour un desordre global (Think Global, Act Rural) (2010)

Thursday, March 17; 7pm @ Le Tremplin 16-30 (95 Wellington street south), Sherbrooke

Presented in collaboration with Les AmiEs de la Terre de l’Estrie, the Community Art Lab of the Foreman Art Gallery is pleased to invite the public to the screening of Think Global Act Rural (2010), a documentary by Coline Serreau.

Presented in its original French version, this documentary addresses current ecological challenges and invites viewers to discover new farming systems that offer better life and health to communities. Director Coline Serreau travelled the world for over three years to give a voice to farmers, philosophers and economists who are experimenting with alternatives and finding local solutions to repair the damages of our growth-driven society.


Drawing Revisionist Histories and the Transcultural Present

A Comic jam + Graphic novel event with graphic novel artist Joanne Hui (Free)

Wednesday, February 16; 5:30 - 7:30pm @ Lennoxville Library (101 Queen Street)

The Community Art Lab of the Foreman Art Gallery is pleased to invite the public to Drawing Revisionist Histories and the Transcultural Present, a participatory event which will consist of an artist talk, the creation of a collaborative comic-style poster, and a comic jam open to all.

Joanne Hui, artist and PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University, will draw from key Canadian examples to discuss how graphic narratives can create contemporary memoirs and revisionist histories of resistance and activism.

This participatory event will begin with a brief presentation of the artist’s work and research. Following this presentation, a photographer will be on hand to take headshots of audience members, who will each be drawn by Hui into a comic-style poster. The poster will be printed following the event and mailed to each participant. To conclude the event, a comic jam will allow participants to experiment with the ideas and techniques presented by the artist.

This unique event is free and open to all. Registration is recommended as space is limited. To register, please contact Yael or Sevan prior to February 14 at 819.822.9600 ext 2279 or at artlab(at)

Supported by Bishop's University Speakers Committee


Special talk with Michael Ridley (Free)

Wednesday, January 12; 6pm @ Foreman Art Gallery

In the context of the LIVING LIBRARIES exhibition, the Community Art Lab of the Foreman Art Gallery is pleased to present a special talk by Michael Ridley, Chief Information Officer at Guelph University. Mr. Ridley will talk about the new ways in which information is circulating in the 21st century.

About the Speaker:

Michael Ridley was named the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in 2004 and has been the Chief Librarian at the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) since 1995.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO), as the enterprise information architect, is responsible for the overall strategy and policy administration of the University’s information technology, information services and information resources. The CIO facilitates innovation and integrated solutions in support of teaching, learning, research, service and administration in an environment of strategic directions, collaboration and shared responsibility.

Supported by Bishop's University Speakers Committee

Neighbour to Neighbour: Living Libraries

January 6 - January 20, 2011 @ the Foreman Art Gallery

Special living library events: Thursday January  13, from 6 - 8pm and Tuesday, January 18, from  6 - 8pm

Imagine a time before books, where neighbours were like living libraries and shared knowledge through dialogue.

The Community Art Lab of the Foreman Art Gallery in collaboration with Literacy in Action are creating a living library this January 2011 to celebrate our community’s wisdom. Neighbour to Neighbour: Living Libraries is a project that aims to create a space where knowledge can be shared through conversation and interaction, and where individuals’ voices and experiences are valued.

We believe that everyone can be a book. Everyone has experiences and knowledge to share.

Have a chat with a local living book and learn about:

(available on January 13th)

Local Boy Does Good : the story of an athlete • Telling Tales • 18th and 19th Century Quebec memorabilia  • How North America has been affected by the recent financial crisis • Chinese calligraphy – painting without images • Living with your Worst Enemy (living with cancer) •  Learning Spanish •  The Unconscious, Polyphasic Sleep, Rythmo & Neueshlafform • Urban Art: A Journey Through Words • How to make comic books, read tarot cards, and travel across the globe • How to grow as a community: an asset based approach to community development • Art Journaling: Layers of Meaning • How to use business improvement techniques to get successful results! •  Early History of Lennoxville: a Personal Account • Confessions of a failed teacher: Highs and lows of four agonizing years in the classroom • Riding a Longboard and Astrophysics •  When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress (Inspired by Dr. Gabor Mate’s book)  • Raised on the Rez •  Traditional Rug Hooking

(available on January 18th)

Local Boy Does Good : the story of an athlete • Complicity with the Unconscious: art therapy • Road to Discovery: from Algeria to Quebec • The Unconscious, Polyphasic Sleep, Rythmo & Neueshlafform • Born in the Year of the Monkey • Urban Art: A Journey Through Words • Memoirs of a Faculty Brat • How to make comic books, read tarot cards, and travel across the globe • Following your muse: the artist path • Discovering a different new world: refugees and illegal migrants • Surviving Calamity:  When a family member has a mental illness • Conserving Culture in Estrie: The BUArt Project looks to the Future • Art Journaling: Layers of Meaning • How to use business improvement techniques to get successful results! • Early History of Lennoxville: a Personal Account • Aboriginal midwifery: bringing birth back in the Canadian North • Confessions of a failed teacher: Highs and lows of four agonizing years in the classroom • Surprises in genealogy research and a look into the life of local artist Nina Owens (1869-1959) • Sharpening a Chainsaw

In its second year, this annual project acts as a platform to investigate the ties between art, education and civic engagement in our local community shifting the gallery space into a laboratory.

Curator: Yael Filipovic

Produced by the Foreman Art Gallery with the collaboration of Literacy in Action



Second projection: L'argent dette (Money as Debt) (2006)

Wednesday, November 24; 7:30pm @ Le Tremplin 16-30, Sherbrooke

This animated film addresses the increase in government and corporate debt as well as the effects of the current debt-money system in a manner that renders the topic accessible to the general public.

Following the film screening, a discussion will take place during which the audience will be encouraged to actively participate with comments and questions. The discussion will be led by special guest speaker Professor Mario Fortin, from the University of Sherbrooke’s Faculty of Administration, and will address the topics discussed in the film, such as the nature of money, its origins, bank credit and loan systems, and the current monetary system. With the recent economic crisis, the film’s candid attempt to demystify the current monetary system has become an imperative in today’s society.

LIVE FREE, COPYRIGHT SERIES: Remixing Artist: Roundtable & Networking Event (Free & Bilingual)

Friday, November 5th, 2010: 7:30pm at the Foreman Art Gallery

Exploring the issues of artist rights, copyright, creative commons and the remixing of culture in the 21st century. Roundtable participants:

Professor Shawn Malley from Bishop’s University and specializes in cultural studies

Christina Battle, Artist and Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado

Eric Desmarais, Media Artist and Assistant Administrator at Sporobole, a contemporary visual arts centre in Sherbrooke  

Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse, Assistant Professor from McGill University who specializes in intellectual property law

Normand Tamaro, lawyer from the Montreal law firm of Mannella Gauthier Tamaro who specializes in copyright law

The theme of this event was inspired by Filing Memory, the solo exhibition of Christina Battle’s work, curated by Vicky Chainey Gagnon and presently on display at the Foreman Art Gallery, until December 11, 2010.

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With generous support from Conseil de la culture de l’Estrie, the City of Sherbrooke and le ministère de la culture, des communications et de la condition féminine



First projection: Freedom of Expression (2007)

Thursday, October 21; 7pm @ Café Java, Lennoxville

 The documentary explores questions of copyright and the battles being waged in courts, classrooms, museums, film studios, and the Internet over control of our cultural commons. Copyright issues address current trends in contemporary art, such as the appropriation and reproduction of art works and cultural material that places authorship into question.

LIVE FREE, COPYRIGHT SERIES: Screening underneath the stars: The Killer Shrews (1959)

Wednesday, October 6; 8pm @ Bishop's University Quad

As part of the Live Free: Copyright Series that critically engages with the role of copyright in our lives, the Community Art Lab will be screening the public domain film The Killer Shrews, directed by Ray Kellog.

The public is encouraged to bring snacks and blankets and discover this zombie cult-classic

Synopsis: When a lab’s genetic experiment goes wrong, the test animals break free and take prey on the habitants of the island. With a hurricane in sight, will the habitants be able to escape the shrews?

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Stand up for Culture!

Friday, September 24, 2-5 pm @ Provigo Robert Lafond, 169 Queen St.,     Lennoxville

Saturday, September 25, 11 am - 3 pm @ Marché de la Gare de    Sherbrooke, 720 Minto St.

Sunday, September 26, 12 pm -3 pm @ Carrefour de l’Estrie (indoors, in front of Sports Experts)

Stand up for Culture! is a three-day event that invites members of the community to have their portraits taken, and to comment on the significance of culture in their everyday lives. Participants will have the opportunity to be photographed by professional photographer Justin G. Desforges and share with us why they stand up for culture. The portraits of the participants, along with their comments, will be shared on the event’s provincial website, at:

To see the portraits of the participants, click here!

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Special Artist Talk: Christina Battle

Wednesday, September 15, 1pm @ Champlain Regional College, room 252

Can't wait for the exhibition opening of Filing Memory at the Foreman Art Gallery? Get a sneak peak by
attending an artist talk with Christina Battle with the students from Art
History 3 class. Artist Christina Battle will discuss her practice and the influences for her most current work that will be on exhibit at the gallery this Fall 2010.

Supported by Bishop's University Speaker's Committee.

Harvest Day: Special Event with artist Ron Benner (FREE)

Sunday, September 19, 1:30pm - 6pm @ In the /10 garden on the Front  lawn of Bishop's University (2600 College, Lennoxville)

To celebrate this summer's /10 garden project by artist Ron Benner, join  us  for this closing event in our garden in front of the McGreer pavilion of   Bishop's University!

Organized by the Foreman Art Gallery's Community Art Lab, this event    includes free games, Appalachian old-tyme string band, and roasted   organic corn!

Special artist talk in the garden by Ron Benner at 2pm.

Press Release

For more information, please contact Yael at:
819.822.9600 ext. 2279

Townshipper's Day 2010 Danville: Special Community Art Lab activity (FREE)

Saturday, September 18, 9am - 5pm @ at EDS Elementary School Grounds (Danville)

Find us at Townshipper’s Day for some fun family-based creative activities! Make your wish for your community and it could come true!


Lennoxville's First Street Festival: Special Community Art Lab activity (FREE)

Saturday, August 21, 10am - 3pm @ Queen Street (Lennoxville)

JULY 2010

Canada Day Event: Community Art Exchange Event (FREE)
Thursday, July 1, 11am- 4pm
@ Jacques-Cartier Park (Sherbrooke)

MAY 2010

Nos enfants nous accuserons - Film Screening
A film by Jean-Paul Jaud
Thursday, May 19, 7:30pm @ Salle Le Tremplin (97 Wellington South, Sherbrooke)

Presented in partnership with Les Amis de la Terre (
Price: $5 with proceeds going to the Permaculture Guild - Haïti

Following the screening will be a discussion by Josianne Blais from Les Amis de la Terre