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Bishop's University
2600 College St.
Sherbrooke (Quebec)
J1M 1Z7   Canada
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Foreman Art Gallery / Community Art Lab

Community Art Lab

The Foreman Art Gallery's Community Art Lab positions itself on the cutting edge between art, education, and community development with the goal of exploring how these worlds collide and interact with one another.


The Community Art Lab explores from a creative point of view the pressing social issues of our day and how these affect our direct community. It gathers individuals from the community -  whether students, artists, researchers and members of the general population -  and via public events, works towards stimulating an increased understanding of the visual and media arts in the City of Sherbrooke. The satellite activities are centered around questions raised by the current exhibitions at the Foreman Art Gallery and take the form of discussion groups (broadcast through podcasting) around an artwork or a film related to the artwork, through workshops (tailor-made for different audiences), events (performances, film screenings). Bishop’s University students will greatly contribute to the activities’ content through their participations and discussions. Through its interventions the Laboratory stimulates exchanges and discussions in order to disrupt the hierarchy of knowledge and to enrich community life.


Located beneath the Foreman Art Gallery, the Community Art Laboratory’s space can accommodate groups of 20 people. Besides this space, the Laboratory appropriates community spaces (coffee shops, art centers, theatres, community centers, schools, churches) that bring to the Laboratory their own realities and functions.  



Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University
2600 College Street, P.O. Box 2136 
Sherbrooke, Qc, J1M 1Z7

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